"Mom Talk" to me is a safe place for women to go, watch and learn. It creates a community for women who can connect on a honest level and reveal their experiences. As a guest, I'm honored to be able to speak in a way that can touch others and make a difference. Dr. Nelly creates a beautiful, safe space to share and create community through Peace Learning. I'm honored to be a part of this movement.

~Tanya Newbould

I have done Dr. Nelly's show several times now. I am usually on there to talk about a project I am doing but I always end up learning something from her. It has been a pleasure to go on her show and I intend to keep going on so I can be enlightened even more."

~Maz Jobrani

"Dr. Nelly is the consummate professional, bringing topics of great interest for moms and families to the forefront through her brilliant talk show. Insightful, daring and compassionate, she teaches us how to put our children first and provide them with the best resources possible. A highly educational and informative talk show!"
~Dr. Shefali Tsabary

"Dr. Nelly’s work to help parents be more intentional and effective is inspiring. Her energy and passion to deliver ideas in inspired and practical ways will impact a generation of parents to be the best they can be. Combining intellect, passion, and humor, with authenticity, it’s an honor to partner with Dr. Nelly to do the meaningful work of supporting parents to do the hard and wonderful work of raising children who thrive.”
~Dr. Tina Bryson